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The 12-week course to turn your business and life around

Maybe your cash flow just hasn’t leveled up. 

Maybe you feel inspired, but always end up right back in that slump. 

Or maybe you’ve started to feel that ‘real manifesting’ and abundance is just for other people not you… 

No, the solution isn’t to meditate harder… it’s to finally go deeper with Divine Money Manifesting. 

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Why Divine Money Manifesting is unlike anything else…

During this program, you’ll go through 12 core modules that are designed to teach you the art of manifesting money and help you speed up the manifesting process by rewiring your subconscious mind. 



  • Discover what type of money manifestor you are so that you can create abundance in the way that flows best for you
  • Build your rock-solid belief in your power to manifest abundance
  • Go deep into ancient secrets and learn how the science meets spirituality
  • Learn the secrets of consciousness, bliss and manifestation, Quantum Magic and how to feel the miracle (so things can start moving fast!)
  • Activate powerful Universal Laws that cannot help but deliver what it is you desire
  • Implement the 3 simple steps to manifest money, even when there is resistance. 

And so much more!

But it’s not just the content that’ll make an incredible difference in your life… 

Sandy Forster cracked the code as an ordinary single mum living in Australia, going from welfare to millionaire. 

If it happened for Sandy Forster... it can happen for you too

Sandy discovered the Law of Attraction, busted through her money blocks and took some simple but powerful practical steps.

And now, she’s on a mission to help you discover how to effortlessly create transformation, abundance and the freedom you desire. 

She’s spent the past 15 years transforming women’s mindset, increasing their money and creating a life beyond their wildest dreams. 

Because she knows that if it happened for her… it’s possible for you too.

How Sandy Forster has helped women from all over the globe

“I had many wins, but the biggest is going from $1k-$4k weeks to $8k-$16k weeks. I raised $70,000 and have just put a contract down on our first home on a lake. Immense gratitude. Thank you.” – CHANTAL G, GOLD COAST AUSTRALIA

“The day I signed up and paid, I got an unexpected tax return of $8k and old commissions of $490 that I didn’t know were owing and an unexpected $1k in my network marketing biz. Very pleased to say the least!” – ANNAMAYA A, MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA

“I made the decision to do a $3400 course and the next day I received the exact amount needed to pay for it in full.” – SANDY BANFIELD, NSW AUSTRALIA

Just imagine what she and her 8-week course could do for you…

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