So much to learn. So little time. But there is a way. It’s painless, legal, and will spark ideas for every situation in business.
It involves the open road. A sunroof, if you like. And you’ll discover the added bonus of being able to completely shut out the outside world and shoot for the moon during your commute.

Actually, you can use Audible for more than just the open road, of course. But you’re smart enough to work that out. Our attention is caught by the high quality of the titles on offer, from the world’s best of the best. AND there’s a neat feature that lets you speed up the play. Consider some of our favourite authors. Or should we call them speakers when it’s an audiobook? Whatever:

Dan ‘The Man’ Lok. Want to learn to close like the big boys? Dan is your guy.

  1. F.U. Money: F U Money""“> 
  2. Influence""“>

Managing your money once Dan has helped you get it? You’ll need Financial Intelligence.

And this one actually puts things in a language every business owner can understand. Sometimes they even crack Dad jokes … Financial Intelligence""“>

And when you REALLY want to notch it up a level? Get this into your headphones: Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself""“>Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr Joe Dispenza - LifeReview.Guide If you’re looking for general inspiration, try the latest list of Top 10 Business Books and let your imagination go hard at building the next level of your financial reality.