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The Lymphatic Drainage Protocol changing thousands of lives: A 2-minute daily ritual

Tired, sore and overwhelmed?

Your body is trying to tell you something, and Naturopath & Sports Therapist, Chelsey Jean, is asking you to listen. 

Make 2021 the year you finally make your health a priority. No more “I’ll start on Monday” or quick bandaid fixes. It’s time for real, lasting change. It’s a 2-minute daily ritual that will detoxify your body and leave you feeling simply incredible.

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Local Solar you can Trust: how NuWay Solar is increasing Brisbane’s renewal energy use, one roof at a time.

Squinting at the light?

Powerful, huh? That’s what John Harmer thought, when he was looking for the best way to serve both his community and the planet, and when he settled on supplying and installing solar power systems for homes and businesses in Brisbane.

But how to overcome the problem where we know there’s nothing that beats free energy from the sun, but feel like the upfront costs is too much for the average person’s cashflow? 

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Easy Exercising for the Over 50s – laughter and a cup of tea included :)

There’s something unique happening at Kallangur and Sunnybank Hills, with Easy Exercising bringing a new lease on life to the Over 50s …

Sisters Andrea and Jessica Curtis felt there was a real need for a place where people who don’t feel comfortable at a gym to come, enjoy each other’s company, and feel the benefits provided by power-assisted exercise.

And in the process, they’ve created a community at each location where every client feels valued, each encourages the other, and everyone has a good laugh while they’re at it.

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From Drab to Fab: A Lesson in Spotify Playlists

Do you consider yourself to be indie?

How indie? You hesitated. Ever had somebody make a mix tape for you that wasn’t even a cassette? Ever had a playlist with songs you found on Discovery reach over 10 followers? If you answered no to the above, you’re not indie enough, but we can help. Below is a guide designed to help you can optimise your sphere of indfluence (that’s “indie” and “influence” combined – get with the lingo!).

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