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Speed Read While Driving

So much to learn. So little time. But there is a way. It’s painless, legal, and will spark ideas for every situation in business. It involves the open road. A sunroof, if you like. And you’ll discover the added bonus of being able to completely shut out the outside world and shoot for the moon during your commute.

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From Drab to Fab: A Lesson in Spotify Playlists

Do you consider yourself to be indie?

How indie? You hesitated. Ever had somebody make a mix tape for you that wasn’t even a cassette? Ever had a playlist with songs you found on Discovery reach over 10 followers? If you answered no to the above, you’re not indie enough, but we can help. Below is a guide designed to help you can optimise your sphere of indfluence (that’s “indie” and “influence” combined – get with the lingo!).

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