Find your place in Sydney with convenient locations that are easily accessible to transport and shopping centres. Enjoy the finer things in life like high quality, clean and secure living within a warm community. Experience these #lifegoals and more with Sydney Student Living. 

Why Sydney Student Living?

Because it’s more than just a place to stay, it’s your community. 

  • It provides safe and easy access to schools, food, and transport: all of the uni-student necessities to succeed. 
  • There’s always someone there for you 24/7 and they’ve got the latest in room and building security. 
  • You don’t have to choose between paying your bills and having dinner – have both! Bills are included in the rent.
  • Utilities are included in the rent. So, whether you’re a streamer, gamer, binger or just a meme junkie, we’ve got high-speed Wi-Fi to cover you.
  • There are many common areas perfect for some #SquadGoals moments!
  • At SSL, you’ll make friendships that go beyond that annual Facebook birthday message – you’ll be meeting up even after you leave!

High-quality student accommodation options

Sydney Student Living has two locations. 

The first is situated in Top Ryde, in the brand new and exclusive Studio 8 building. It’s the ultimate in luxurious student accommodation. Transport and shopping at your doorstep and the future standard of premium student accommodation is finally here. 

Their other location is in the heart of Concord, and offers a lifestyle that students dream of. It’s also the perfect hub for making a new family of friends for you to call your own. The major shopping centre and train station is only 9 minutes away – making shopping and living a breeze!

But the best part? They offer short and long term stays options, helping you make the most of whatever style of student accommodation you may need.

High-quality accommodation options with Sydney Student Living

Make dreaming, living, and studying easy with Sydney Student Living

Having the ideal place to stay makes it easy for you to study in Australia and fulfil your dreams. And that’s exactly what Sydney Student Living was made for. 

“It’s my first time living abroad and I was worried that I wouldn’t make any friends when I arrived. But when I came to my common room for a movie night I ended up watching more movies afterwards with my neighbors, my new best friends.”

“Good value for money, friendly stuff, clean colorful place.”

“I was looking for a Long-term Hostel to stay at in Sydney, and stumbled across Sydney Student Living — and I’m so glad I did. This is not your typical “hostel”, it’s much more than that. It’s a communal living area, with incredible facilities, and extremely friendly staff! … I planned on staying here for only one week, but have ended up extending my stay here for much longer.”

If you are thinking about studying in Sydney, contact us about our long-stay accommodation options at either our Top Ryde or Concord locations.