Don’t underestimate the importance of exercise during pregnancy. Prenatal exercise strengthens and protects your body for labour and birth, so you can give your bub the best start in life.

Canberra-based Physiotherapists, Millie and Natalie, are helping Australian women stay strong and healthy with their online prenatal exercise classes. Their Bub&Me classes are specially designed to reduce pain, weight gain, cramps, hypertension, all the while improving your baby’s stress tolerance and setting your body up for a faster recovery after you give birth.

Why is prenatal exercise important?

Exercising during pregnancy will strengthen your pelvic floor, preparing your body for labour, birth and recovery.

As you know, pregnancy can be extremely taxing on your body. Your abdominal muscles stretch, your ligaments soften and your pelvic floor will weaken. That’s why the best thing you can do for your body during this time is exercise.

Safe and regular prenatal exercise will:

  • Increase your chances of a swift and easy labour while reducing complications and interventions.
  • Reduce back and pelvic pain.
  • Allow your body to recover faster after you give birth.
  • Improve cardiovascular function and mood.
  • Reduce pregnancy weight gain, musculoskeletal discomfort, muscle cramps, lower limb oedema, gestational diabetes and hypertension.
  • Increase the stress tolerance of your baby.
  • Lower the chances of premature birth.

The benefits of prenatal exercise are too invaluable not to take advantage of.

But, is it safe to exercise during pregnancy?

Absolutely! But that doesn’t mean it’s safe to do the same workouts you would normally do. 

It’s safe to say, our bodies change a lot during pregnancy, and so it’s only fitting our workouts should change too. 

Millie and Natalie have specifically designed their Bub&Me online prenatal exercise classes so that they are 100% safe, easy-to-do and pain-free!

Each week (for 32 weeks) the physiotherapists guide you through one 20-minute standing exercise class and one 20-minute mat exercise class. Weekly educational videos accompany these gentle classes, so you can learn exactly what’s going on with your body at each stage of pregnancy.

Online, convenient & better value for money…

Esther simply can’t stop raving about Bub&Me prenatal classes:

‘I’ve been doing Bub&Me online classes since I was 10 weeks pregnant and have got a lot out of them. Unlike other women I know at this stage of pregnancy, I have no lower back pain or pelvic pain, and the pelvic floor exercises mean I don’t have to worry about sneezing. The length of the classes and flexibility to do them when I have the energy has really worked for me. The ability to write in with questions to gain further expert maternity physio guidance and the extra explanatory videos have been excellent. Both the instructors are lovely and obviously really know what they’re talking about. I’m constantly raving about this to my pregnant friends. The value for money is just phenomenal!’

For just $199, access 32 weeks of physiotherapist-approved prenatal exercise classes + excellent online resources and support from women’s health experts! For better value for money, join Bub&Me prenatal classes here.