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… read on for more info 😉 If you’re a parent whose idea of exercise is pushing your little one in the rain in a pram at 2:13 am to help them sleep, you’ll be pleased to know one amazing dad has created the very useful Pramrolla. When Dean and Nicki Fanning arrived home with their third baby, they had three kids under 3.5 years of age. Like any house with little kids it was a very busy place. They soon realised they needed something else to help them cope with their new situation. Dean and Nicki assumed something like Pramrolla would exist, and that they’d just buy one. However, a search online and of local baby product stores yielded nothing. So what does a good Aussie dad with a background in Construction Economics do? He has a go at making one. And it worked. What on earth is Pramrolla? Pramrolla is the modern-day replacement for a pram or car ride to help your baby to sleep. Pramrolla recreates the same sensation of motion felt by a baby in a moving pram or car that’s been lulling babies to sleep for ever, all from a stationary position, hands-free and without having to leave the house. It’s not new or fancy technology, just a simple adaptation what we’ve been doing as parents for, like, ever. It’s a small unit that sits under the locked wheels of your pram. Once plugged in and turned on, Pramrolla generates a gentle sound and motion that replicates what your baby experiences when walked in the pram. And it easily fits into a nappy bag!! So many of us are a little bit terrified that we’re ‘bad parents’ if we don’t slog it out the old-fashioned way. Forget that rubbish. Use what’s available to get the basics right … which includes sleep both for you and your baby! Is it safe? Yes. Pramrolla complies with AS/NZ Safety Standards compliance 60335-1 (Safety) and C1SPR14 (EMC). Pramrolla is designed in Australia, built in the USA. How much is it? Less than two cartons of decent beer. (See, only an Aussie dad would get that right!) You can get Pramrolla for $99 and, even better, pay with Afterpay so you won’t even notice it. Can I get hold of one, like, now? Yes ? If you’re the efficient type who wants to change your life now, go straight to the purchase page and SAVE 20% (this week only!): If you’re the type who’d like to read up a little more, visit Pramrolla’s website: Look after you and your little ones. You’re worth it. What’s it like ‘in the wild’? Here’s a clip of Fin enjoying a sleep while his brother has Mum’s full attention … Shop Pramrolla: *** NEWSFLASH! *** Pramrolla has been awarded Silver in ‘My Child’ Magazine’s Special Edition Excellence Awards 2018! Congratulations Dean and Nicki! Shop Pramrolla: