Do you consider yourself to be indie? 

How indie? You hesitated. Ever had somebody make a mix tape for you that wasn’t even a cassette? Ever had a playlist with songs you found on Discovery reach over 10 followers? If you answered no to the above, you’re not indie enough, but we can help. Below is a guide designed to help you can optimise your sphere of indfluence (that’s “indie” and “influence” combined – get with the lingo!).

We know one thing to be true – faux indie is all the rage right now. Instagram is awash with old film filters that magically nobody has realised all seem to parade the same date from June in ’95. It’s hard to find ways to stick out when your hipster peers have all the ironic tools they could require right at their disposal. 
  1. The answer: start making playlists!All you need is a device with Spotify (which is free!) and you’re on your way to becoming your coolest self. It’s a great way to stick out from the crowd and express your inner YOU.What don’t they have? Well, they might not be able to cure cancer, although it’s not like they’re not trying.Step 1: Create a PlaylistDecide your mood. What’s going to bring the ooh la la to the situation? It helps to close your eyes and imagine the exact movie scene your playlist would be if you were making your Hollywood (or, let’s be real, Sundance) debut creating the soundtrack.Is it a stormy night adrift at sea? Perhaps a dimly lit cabin in the woods by a crackling fire? Or maybe it’s just a collection of great early Avril Lavigne songs to cry to. Boom. You got yourself an aesthetic. Follow that aesthetic, young one. It will shape everything from here. Step 2: Trawl Pinterest for the perfect artsy cover photo We all know most people who look at your Spotify profile won’t actually listen to the playlists but don’t lose hope, weary music collector! You can still win those heart eyes by jazzing up your playlists with some chic imagery to show you got cool visual AND audio style. Hell, hop onto Microsoft Paint and throw something original together if you gotta! It’s ~almost~ like you’re making your own album, except you don’t have to be able to sing. Step 3: Share with friends (/in your insta bio!) We know this is why we’re here. You’ve made it. You’ve reached the height of breezy individualism, and now it is time to unleash that individualism into the world. Use Spotify’s “Share” options to send your creation to your BFF, your DILF, your GOP, the choice is yours. You can even post it to your Instagram Story if you feel it has enough subtle inclusions of Beyonce. Take over the world.  Now, you got a song for every situation. What’s more original than that? Writing songs instead of using other people’s talent to boost your image? Perhaps, but it’s a start. Sign up to Spotify for free now at ​