They’re so good they scored a shout-out from the #MaccasSunsets guys in a interview. Well deserved, boys. Because you have excellent priorities: beer. Chips (heck, Ricky is even nicknamed ‘Chips’!). Meat. And YP Threads. YP Threads Mens Hawiaan Shirts Whether you’re big into Shapewear (as in, ‘Round is a Shape’) or a smooth-talking, straight-up entertainer, their range of short sleeve party shirts, boardies, and even socks to go with your double pluggers will ensure you step out on the town looking damn fine.

Short Sleeve Shirts from YP Threads

YP Threads – all you need (almost … get someone to set up the beer pong) to get the party started.

For instance, these guys tell us “Every fiber in our party shirts has been coated in vibes, engineered to give that crisp first beer on a Friday feel.” What else is there to do but go get yo’self a Short Sleeve Shirts“>Do You Like to Get Down as featured in the centre of this perfectly-composed shot via Instagram: Oh, and that smooth dude on the right? Carrying off the Short Sleeve Shirts“>Floaty Buoys Shirt and you could be a tough guy. Like this guy. Ok. He’s adapted the short sleeve That’s it. No more shenanigans. Here are the bundles to get you started. Now go get ’em and avagoodweekend. The Short Sleeve Shirts“> The Fully Flamingoed Bundle The Short Sleeve Shirts“> and Short Sleeve Shirts“>